Dear Ali,

   I don’t know how it’s been so long since I wrote to you. Some days the time seems to just crawl but, ultimately, it flies by. You’re due to come out into the world so soon now – in just 24 days! You and I have grown so big, it seems we spend more time competing for space than happily co-existing. I still wonder what you do all day in there, bopping around and causing trouble. As long as you don’t spend too much time up in my ribs and stay away from my cervix(!), I always get a kick (no pun intended) out of all your bustin’ around.

   I hope you’re going to come early. Everyone is so excited to see you! I have dreams that you’re here all the time. I’ve also been plagued with Braxton Hicks lately and each night that it’s especially bad your daddy swears you’ve dropped a little further. The doctor said last week you’re way up there, head down but not ready at all. Maybe this week will be different, maybe all this hot weather we’ve benn having has got you looking to come out and join the party!

   I can’t wait for you and daddy to meet each other without my belly as a barrier between you. He’s so excited to do everything with you. Primarily, catch you, flip you, and give you a bath (tha’ts become his mantra)! He’s working so hard to make sure we’re going to have everything we need and trying to finagle as much time home as possible.

   Right now I’m in class, my second to last one before you come. Once again I’m waiting for everyone to finish taking a test. Why are they all so slow? I’m sure you’ll be just as smart as your dad and I…and equally intolerable of waiting on those who aren’t! Well, about five minutes until we’re supposed to re-adjourn. Which means I better hit the bathroom  



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