Pregnancy Brain

So, in my last post I apparantly thought there were only 30 days in May. *rolls eyes* So, happy June today. It’s been so nice out since Monday. I’m a little warm but loving it. Getting a lot of sun and really tired. I think one has an effect on the other. Went to the doctor yesterday, the first of our weekly appointments. Ali is head down, as verified by an ultrasound, but still way up there. Little girl plans to hang out, which doesn’t surprise me much. By the way, have you guessed in our baby pool yet? Check out the side of the page the link to ExpectNet! and guess before the pool is closed on the 15th of this month. 

I have a little less than two weeks of school and that makes me so happy. Even better that I’m down to one paper, three assignments, two reflection papers, three chapters to read, two quizzes and one presentation. Hmmm, that sounds like a bit more than I was thinking listed out like that. Oh well, it’ll get done and soon be over. I’m working on a 4.0 this term and I think I’ve pretty much got it (or very close) in the bag.

Beyond school and hanging by the pool, Tony and I busted out his old NES. At the moment I’m stuck on Tetris. It’s good because I can play in a very reclined position, in our bedroom (which stays cool) and get some relief from all the pressure going on down there. Which was definitely worsened by my first internal exam yesterday. Today I feel much better.

Memorial Day 2007

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