“Nursery” progress.

Last night I started putting together my "drawer liners." I couldn’t find any I really liked and I’ve been wanting to collage something for the room, so I decided to cut posterboard the size of the drawers, collage upongst it, and then fit it in like so. So far I’ve finished two of four. The first is a more babyish one, the second I told Tony we’d call the "daddy drawer." I know, the pictures are huge and still hard to make out, I apologize:

Today we (well, Tony) moved our bedroom around to make room for the baby stuff. It looked so cute, but I thought to myself how much we needed something on the wall. Even if we aren’t having a real nursery right now, in this house, we could still put something up to mark her little space. As I was sitting down, working on the second drawer liner this afternoon the mail comes with a package from Auntie Karlin. Words cannot describe how surprised/delighted/joyous we were. It’s contents were so perfect, so cute, so special and so timely. Here is Karlin’s little masterpiece that absolutely made my day:

And our still-in-progress "nursery:"

We then started sorting through our stuff, taking our the littlest clothes to wash, blankets to fold and the like in hopes some general organization might soon ensue. Then Shpang, Tony’s friend, came over and now we’re having a little BBQ from which I’ve snuck away to do this post. Lastly, this is a struggly shot but tomorrow marks thirty-six weeks!

2 thoughts on ““Nursery” progress.

  1. The thoughts that come are…..super cute, love it, and GREAT JOB! I adore the wall name that matches the crib. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I planed for weeks! That’s just not my ‘thing’ I guess.
    Yeah! It’s almost time for her to break out!!! Love……..

  2. I’m so glad the colors match so well! I was definitely nervous about the pink.

    My mom thinks the nursery is adorable and loves your drawer liners. She also wanted me to tell you that she has the crib skirt from when I was a baby, and it’s pink with white polka dots. It’s definitely not the same pink… it’s a lot lighter, so I’m not sure how it would look, but if you were in need of a crib skirt…

    I’ll try to get a picture of it to show you.

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