Friday Harbor

I’m going to make this short. I’m been feeling very blah the last two days…plagued with headaches, nausea, braxton hicks, overly tired, even insomnia. Add to that an inability to get comfortable and, yeah, I’m a little less than a happy camper. What I am happy about is coming down to the end of this. Also very glad I did some serious nesting a couple months ago, because now I have niether the energy nor the mobility. Luckily both are not necessities for doing annoyingly large amounts of homework.

Here are a few photos of the weekend in Friday Harbor. We had a great time with Billie, saw some whales, ate some good food, did some soduko and crosswords, and generally attemtped to relex. The weather was rather nasty, cold and often rainy, but we enjoyed ourselves nonethless.

Billie and Tony collecting animals under the docks in Roche Harbor.

….check out this sea anemone.

Dark and dreary with a spotty internet connection. But beautiful architecture.

Tony’s new favorite is Coke Plus and my new favorite is when we drive right onto the ferry without so much as a minute’s wait. It will probably never happen again…

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