Aquarium and Braxton Hicks.

Tony has today through Monday off because his boss is on vacation. This morning we went to the Seattle Aquarium. In the pictures following; I don’t know why my tongue is out, the river otters were doing something strange together, and I’m almost 35 weeks!

Tomorrow I have class until three or so, then we’re going to head north to San Juan Island, where we will spend Saturday night through Monday morning (thanks to Billie and the Friday Harbor Marine Lab).

On the pregnancy front, I’ve definitely dropped in the past week and, this afternoon and evening, have been having mad Braxton Hicks. Usually I just get them at night and this new development is less then pleasant. The dropping makes breating easier and heartburn less frequent, but bathroom breaks even more constant (is that possible?!?!?) and sleeping more difficult. It’s also increased my backaches both in frequency and intensity. But, that means we’re that much closer to delivery! For the record, I’m more excited for labor than anything. No point in fear or worrying, plus I’m just so ready to see this little girl!

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