Last night we went to Billie’s house for dinner and to see Tony’s cousin, Josh, who was in town from Iowa. Here’s some pictures.

Thirty-three and a half weeks!


Tony’s Brother Dave and his girlfriend Rachel.


Josh and Rachel looking over photos.


Both Little Cat and I look evil, but see how tan I’ve gotten?

4 thoughts on “Pictures.

  1. You definitely look more tan! I noticed that in class last night. šŸ™‚ I put in my guess for your baby pool! See you next week.

  2. Emily your guess scares me….probably because it’s the most realistic one! I was being somewhat optimistic and Tony very much so, especially because last night we found out he was an 8lb 15oz-er. It’s not the size I care so much about as the late date. I want her here soon šŸ™‚

  3. Emily! Just so everyone knows, Emily is a goldmine and perhaps the only reason (okay, the learning and freebies are nice too) we go to birth class week after week. She has somehow managed to make me feel totally at ease with this whole process, confident in my ability to provide Ashley with the guidance she may or may not desire, and willing to speak up for our rights and wishes to the hospital staff. She seems to birth a dozen kids a week or so (as a doula) and therefore her guess might be a good one to go by. Glad you stopped by, Emily, and see you next week.

  4. Ashley-you are soooo very much more tan than I am (honestly, even more tan than I probably ever could be šŸ™‚ ! I absoulutly love the pictures. I’m exited for you both. In just a few weeks you’ll be holding this baby in your ARMS! Yea! Love to you (all three of you), Katy Lewis

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