The Glow.

Apparently I’m "glowing." This pic was taken Sunday (33 weeks!) on our way to Pike Place Market before meeting Billie and Dave for an early Mother’s Day Brunch. I’ve been feeling much better since last Thursday and back to normal. Back to normal = Homework, grocery shopping, birthing class, making awesome dinners, packing lunches for Tony at work, a Saturday class (Love & Power), multiple trips to Wal-mart to see if they’ve gotten more pink spray paint in (No and it’s been almost a week and a half), Taco Del Mar for Cinco de Mayo, a post-carseat class meeting to get our $10 car seat, seeing Emily my dietician, taking my first Prenatal Fitness class (I am so sore!), getting a free pregnancy massage at Ashmead College, acing tests, and reading textbooks in the sun. It’s been nice here for the last three days! Today I have to do the dishes that have somehow managed to build up again. We have birthing class at four and after that are going to Tony’s Mom’s house in Seattle to have dinner with his cousin, Josh, who’s in town. First, I am going outside to get some reading done. Friday we’re going down to Oregon for Mother’s Day weekend and I need to finish the work for my online class before than.


Also this week we started a guessing pool at We’re not exactly decided on how we’re gonig to go about it, we’re thinking about taking bets and splitting the pool with the winner. Anyway, check it out if you’d like. Our game is titled AliShirlieCarroll.

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