Eight months.

So I’m eight months pregnant now. Maybe it’s just today/this week but I’m not looking forward to the next two months. I’ve been feeling kind of sick since Sunday night. Monday I did some painting, left the house once to get more paint (we greatly underestimated the amount needed) and haven’t since. Monday afternoon and evening I spent with my feet up…my poor ankles needed it. Yesterday the problem worsened with some, ehem, toilet trouble. I missed my class…first one this quarter! This morning I feel nauseous and just generally beaten. I’ve been able to, more or less, go go go for the last month. Maybe this is the downfall from that, maybe I have some weird bug, maybe I’m just getting to that stage of the game. I don’t know, but I feel like such a slug. Yesterday I spent the whole day on the couch, watching TV and working on youjustgetme. Today I cancelled a dermatology appointment I had at the UW in Seattle. Now I have to wait until mid-june to get my scar re-injected.

Stuff is piling up around the house again and the worst part is, I WANT to do it. And everything. I’ve been super diligent about working out and was feeling good but now haven’t done anything since Sunday and I know it’s going to be that much harder (if possible) to get back to where I was. I think some of this is due to some weird sense of this being "as good as it gets," at least for while. I’m only going to get bigger, more uncomfortable and more tired. Getting up and around will only get harder. And then there’ll be a newborn in the house and this will all seem like a cakewalk.

Not that I’m not still very excited and anxious for Ali to just get here already. I am. Maybe it’s just the waiting that’s grating my nerves. Also, perhaps coincidentally, I started taking my iron supplement on Sunday. Though getting my iron up is suppose to make me feel better, I’m wondering if it’s actually had the opposite effect. I’m gonna go lay down for awhile. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better in time for birthing class today at four.

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  1. Ahh, the lovely mood swings and exhaustion. Got to love it. I swear, for me, the last months were the craziest mix of anticipation/anxiety ever, but it does get a little better…at least, I got a little more energy toward the end…haha, perhaps because you see the light at the end of the tunnel (ahahaha, light at the end of the tunnel!!! I kill me!) Just kick back and do a little at a time and write to Ali about all the things you went through for her. Blackmail for later, eh? đŸ™‚ Loves!

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