31 weeks. I am a house!

Yesterday Tony and I both got our first professional massages! He had gotten me a gift certificate for christmas that I just now got around to using. We decided to split it, mostly because I didn’t want to go alone but also because his neck hurts him about as much, if not more, than my back hurts me. Or maybe he’s just a bit more vocal? Anyway, they were awesome. I got the pregnancy massage, done from the side hitting my back, butt, legs, feet, shoulders….ahhh. It was great. The guy who did it was this hippy type. It was the funniest, he asked if he could "say hello" to Ali before he started. Tony got the deep tissue massage focusing on his upper back and neck. Afterward we were both walking a bit straighter and definitely feeling a ton better. The "gym" we went to was crazy too. It was very eastern-oriented; no shoes, juice bar, floor seating, rooms for clay and jewel therapy. A very interesting experience made possible by mycitybaby, a site Tony has worked on in the past.

Afterward we went browsing at St. Vincent’s local thrift store, then Value Village. I bought a pink maternity polo shirt, a pink old navy tank top and some tan terrycloth Target guachos. For about twelve bucks! The Tony and I tried out a new Thai place that we both really liked. Fifty percent off thanks to our trusty entertainment book. Because the restaurant was next door to Wal-mart, we stopped by to check out their Terracotta selection. Tony is bound and determined to build a fountain for our garden. More on that development to come. Last we went to Target. Tony got a pair of shorts and I got the top half of a swimsuit. No comment on my lack of a bottom. Maybe I’ll wear sweats in the pool.

Saturday we spent most of the day with Kris working on her new site. Probably both of us will hate this picture but it’s just too cute not to post. And Tony thinks it shows our relationship.

Today we went to the doctor in the afternoon. Quick and easy, even getting blood drawn to check my iron levels went fast! Three weeks until our next appointment, then two, then weekly. Assuming everything continues as planned. Then we went to Toys’R’Us to buy a pool Tony’s been waiting to go on sale forever. Sun, we’re all ready for you! After stopping for a "snack" at Jersey Mike’s we went to check out Kohl’s Buy One Get One maternity sale. Up until now I have, for the most part, been avoiding maternity clothes. That is a luxury I can’t really afford anymore. I got a pair of capris, a tank top, a nursing bra and some undies. Mostly at Tony’s insistence. Once again, Sun, we are ready for you.

Other than that school has beendemanding a good portion of my time. Friday I took my first of two all-day AIDS/Air-Blood Pathogens classes. In one class we’ve been studying reinforcement and punishment (both positive and negative), in another stress and anxiety disorders. Ok, I gotta stop now. I told Tony "just a second" for dinner about forty-five minutes ago. This last picture was taken while I was unaware but turned out pretty cute. And it shows my ring!

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  1. I am so jealous of you guys for getting MASSAGES! They have such cute maternity bathing suits at Motherhood Maternity, but they cost way too much for something you’ll use very infrequently. I was lucky enough to be able to use Melissa’s. But, gross, I have to buy a new bathing suit for this summer, and almost wish I was pregnant for an excuse for extra baggage. You are so pure joy in the last picture. I love it.

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