Nesting anyone?

The last week has been so busy! Thursday night we went to our first "real" birthing class. There were probably 25 or more people crammed into a 10ft. by 20ft. room. We heard they have the same class Wednesday afternoons, and that it was much smaller so we’ve switched to that one. Last week was rather miserable and I will be happy not to go through it again. Too many pregnants in one place!

Friday I had my last Crisis Intervention class. Saturday morning I went to a meeting. Then I came home to a lot of homework for my online class. I had one (30 page!) chapter left to read, an exam to take, a small assignment/paper to complete and a discussion board to read and comment upon at least three times. Besides a moderate break to talk to my mom on the phone and twenty or some minutes to eat the tasty omelette Tony made me for lunch, this took me from noon until six or seven. Sometimes I get a little into those discussions! And I got 47 out of 50 on the test. Tony worked on various side projects the whole time. [Note: "side project" = additional work he has taken on outside of his 9-5, but in the same web development realm]

Sunday we ventured out around eleven. We hit up Payless Shoes’ BOGO Sale.

Tony’s new sandals:     

My new flats:   

Then we went to Fred Meyer to get groceries and garden supplies. Last we stopped at Albertson’s for more groceries. We got home about three and were both starving. Thank God we had leftover Jersey’s Mike’s from the night before. Despite a nasty start, the day had turned out nice. Not exactly warm, but at least sunny! I did one class’s weekly reading outside while Tony mowed the lawn. Even though it’d been just over a week since he did it last time it needed to be done again! We drove down the street to get some slurpees (I’m crazy about the Crystal Light Berry Pomegranante flavor. No suger or caffeine and few calories), then we went to work planting some of the various flowers/vegetables we had purchased. We planted a flower bed with a bunch of stuff I can’t remember as well as onions, a tomato plant and a pepper one in our new vegetable garden. Pics to come later. I spent some time attempting to weed but my mobility is really struggling and there’s only so much one can do from a chair! For dinner Tony bar-b-qued buffalo burgers. Surprisingly good…and yet not too surprisingly because by then we were starving again.

Monday Tony went to work and this is where my nesting instinct really kicked in. I spent the first hour doing the last of our mountain of dishes. A phenomenom we’re determined to never let happen again. Then I began what I’ve been itching to tackle for weeks now. The cupboards, their dustiness and lack of organization. I had a meeting at the college at two-thirty with an instructor to discuss one of last term’s grades. Besides that I worked on the kitchen from 11am to 6pm. That night I was hurting! I’d like to thank Ms. Brandi Carlile for helping me through. Tony came home from work and did more work….then we had stir fry for dinner. While he made the stri fry I made a big batch of low-fat egg salad recommended by my dietician to work on that iron intake. Here are some pictures of nesting in action:

The Dishes

The Appliances

The Pots and Pans

The Tupperware

The Snacks

The "Pantry"

Yesterday morning we had to drive to Everett to attend a Car Seat Class via the Snohomish Health District. Despite learning a lot, those were two hours Tony and I would rather not discuss. Sometimes in these government programs you come across some real strugglers. I got really nauseus on the way home, which has begun happening somewhat often in the late mornings. After lunch Tony went to a meeting at work and I had class. Those three hours are getting longer and longer every week! After class I came home and did laundry and made brownies. Where is this domesticity coming from? We got burritos for dinner from Taco Del Mar (we loooove the bogo coupons for Jersey Mike’s and TDM onthe back of Fred Meyer and Albertsons recipes!).

Today I meant to finish the kitchen. The fridge is calling my name! So far I’ve worked out and then spent too much time on this post. We have to leave for our birth class at 3:30 so I better get moving.


3 thoughts on “Nesting anyone?

  1. You’re so cute, Ashely! I compleatly remember nesting. The drive to complete organizational tasks…….God bless you! How many weeks left? Love, Katy Lewis

  2. Tomorrow marks week 31. So…nine or so? All along I’ve thought she was gonna come late, maybe even PRETTY late. I’ve been convinced this was a July baby. Tony was about four weeks late and I was three. Anyway, yesterday I decided she’s coming EARLY. I’m more ready to not be pregnant every day!

  3. I totaly understand. Sam was two weeks late yet it FELT like few months! Good job to be prepaired for a late one though. But you never know, Anna was two weeks earky with ALL THREE of hers……some people have all the luck! See you soon!!!

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