Linea Negra

Sunday, out in the sun, Tony noticed the apperance of my linea negra, which he has been eagerly awaiting for months now. Not the most flattering picture, but I thought I would share. It’s the faint line snaking down from my belly button. This photo was taken at twenty-nine weeks:

Today is a domestic one. No school so I’m still in my pajamas! Been doing laundry, dishes, general picking up, taking trash out and the like. Spending way too much time on the internet. It calls to me…there’s always something to just check. Also updated the registry page with some of the loot we got last week.

I better go fold some clothes. We’re drying meat today for jerky (still working on that iron) and the smell is driving me insane! Luckily not in a bad way…it smells so good. We haven’t broke sixty here since Sunday. I miss the sun!

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