Back in the swing of things.

Twenty-eight weeks!

Spring break if over and, of course, now the sun has begun to show itself! Classes are pretty same old, same old. My biggest dread at the moment is this Friday, which marks the first of four 8:30am-6pm classes. That is a looooooong day. My poor butt. And ankles. And back. And I’ll shut up.

At my doctor’s appointment last week I had my glucose test and was happily surprised to find out I passed. I don’t know why I had this nagging feeling there would be an issue, I think just because sugar seems to really affect me and usually makes me regret partaking. Unfortunately my iron is low….how low I’m not sure and though was told to take an 325mg iron supplement (which sounds like a LOT) , I’m first trying to up my iron intake the natural way. Through food! I already love spinach and eat it a lot but I bought two bags at the store (and next I guess it the Costco five-pounder) so I have no excuse not to have it once or twice a day. My challenge is getting red meat. Besides a burger beef doesn’t often appeal to me. At least not as much as chicken. Or, better yet, seafood. I’m not a big cooker and, while both Tony and I are making efforts and improvements, we seem to gravitate mostly toward meals with chicken and my lunches usually consist of sandwiches or salads (both of which include spinach though!).

Tony grilling us dinner on Monday

Today we’re heading down to Pike Place Market to pick up some pickles for Tony’s little sister in Iowa. On that note, I really should go get in the shower. Rumor has it it’s going to get up to seventy later this week! I’m sure it’ll be when I’m locked in the classroom.

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