Spring Cleaning

Today my goals were to make put a roast in the slow cooker for dinner and clean the bathroom. I’ve been working on setting the bar low so as not to overwhelm myself and fall into the all or nothing thinking to which I am so prone. By eleven I had dinner cooking, the bathroom clean (shower, toilet, mirrors and all) as well as the kitchen floor swept and mopped. And two loads of laundry done. I guess this is typical mom/wife stuff…but that’s not where I am yet so I’m feeling very accomplished. And my back is very sore šŸ™‚

This week Tony is working long hours again so he can take Friday and Monday off for us to go to Rockaway. That leaves me a lot of free, alone, time on my hands and no excuse not to attack my to do list. Or at least make one. Right now it’s raining so I’m off the hook for cleaning my car but the first hint of sun and I’m determined to get my butt out there. I always forget how energizing and therapuetic cleaning can be and how calming a clean environment feels. Oddly, making a bed can feel like organizing your whole life!

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