Dear Ali,

    I just finished taking a test and since the rest of the class is so slow, I have nothing to do but sit and wait. You’re boppin‘ around all the time now, which (most of the time) is really fun and exciting. Then there are times, like when I’m in class trying to make it until break to use the bathroom, I wonder:    a) what are you doing in there?    b) must you engage in that exact behavior at this specific moment? and    c) if perhaps you are exactly as intelligent as Daddy is sure you are, therefore     fully aware of the effects your clamors have on Mommy.     You’re about six months "old" now and it’s amazing how much you’ve already wiggled your way into the center of our lives. Tomorrow we’re getting another ultrasound and are so excited to see our darling daughter once again. You’re practically famous Ali! Mommy and Daddy have your adorable likeness flying through cyberspace everywhere, easily accessible to all the friends and family eagerly awaiting your blessed arrival.       Love,        Mommy

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