Dear Baby,

    Tomorrow you will hopefully become more than an "it." Your dad and I are excited to have more than a baby, coming kid, child or pregnancy. We want a boy or a girl, an Alizabeth or…another name to decide upon. We want a reference to an individual. We want to know you!

     There’s just over five months until you’re due to enter this world, our lives and my arms. It seems both an eternity and a hopelessly small passage that will elapse before we know it. You’re growing so quickly (although, most of the time, I bemoan that a me growing so quickly!). Daddy loves it and, just so you know, he’s the best you could ask for. He takes good care of "his girl" (me) or, often, "his girls." If you’re a boy I hope you don’t take offense to our occansional "shes" and "hers."     

     Keep growing little one, just as you’re supposed to, and your parents will keep working hard to make your life as good as we want it to be. We love you and we’ll see you tomorrow.      



P.S. Feel free to start kicking…it might have to be hard at first, Mommy doesn’t know what she’s feeling for!

One thought on “Dear Baby,

  1. I love you for writing to your fetus as if it’s an adult.

    PS- Does this mean you guys found out already?? I’m assuming there would be a blog if you had.

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